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after care.

* The best way to protect your investment is to properly care for your extensions at home.

* All products mentioned are available in salon and my online store.


• Brush through your hair using a wet brush BEFORE getting in the shower.

• Run fingers through the tops of wefts to make sure all tangles are out.

• Use a sulfate-free shampoo (I recommend Kevin Murphy Hydrate and Angel Wash.)

• Rinse thoroughly to prevent product buildup.

• Wash again if needed.

• Apply a hydrating conditioner and use your wet brush to evenly distribute.

 - KM hydrate and Restore are my favs.

• Rinse thoroughly to prevent product buildup.


• Brush each section of your hair separately to ensure it's tangle free.

 - Start with the hair at the nape.

 - Then drop your bottom row.

 - Then drop the hair in between your rows.

 - Then drop your second row.

 - Lastly, drop your hair on top and brush everything together.

• Apply your heat protectant (I recommend KM Smooth Again and Untangled).

• Rough dry your hair using only your fingers until its about 80-90% dry.

• You can use a round brush or paddle brush to smooth your extensions when your hair is almost dry.

 - The key is keeping your tension to a minimum while drying and styling.


• Never sleep with wet hair. This can cause matting and/or shedding.

• Brush thoroughly and secure in a low pony, twists or loose braid(s).

• Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is recommended.

Sunscreen Warning!

• Sunscreen with active ingredient: Avobenzone and Oxybenzone will ruin your extensions. It will turn them peach, pink, orange.

• Use "reef safe" and "mineral" suncreens ONLY.

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